Post Zomato Era: Convenience or Complexity? What can Yalah bring...

Food delivery in the UAE is expected to see major shift in the industry’s basic dynamics as we enter the Post Zomato era. A truck load of possible problems are waiting to unfold upon the industry players. But is there really no solution to them? Or is there no real identification and acknowledgment of these problems? With thorough market research, our team is constantly discovering challenges and ways to potentially overcome them.

Originated purely from the need for convenience, food aggregators are now proving to be challenging to work with in their own ways. From charging higher commissions to restaurants imposing exorbitant delivery fee upon users, the hassle seems to be becoming a common practice not only regionally but across the globe. Not to mention the introduction of new charges to consumers under the umbrella of “service and innovation fees” being added to the existing delivery fee. Food delivery has now become far from a joyous experience with constant discount wars between restaurants and exorbitant fees. Does convenience really have to be as complex and expensive?

Another predominant challenge is the usability of food delivery apps, that Zomato had successfully achieved. It is becoming increasingly difficult for restaurants and customers to navigate through revenue centric food delivery apps that are failing to build a user friendly interface that is a level playing field and showing consumer relevant outlets (organically) vs showing businesses that pay more to aggregators to appear higher on search results.

An increase in the volume of orders means a higher demand but the big question is: Will service quality be stumped due to the inability of current platforms to manage this demand? It all comes down to how the old age demand vs supply equation pans out.

What is Yalah and why should it be a part of the industry?

An adaptive aggregator solution, yes that's us! We’re here not just for ourselves but for everyone! Incase you’re wondering what we mean by that.. We are building a forward looking, highly considerate ecosystem that values all those in it (Partners, Consumers and Delivery Riders).

We at Yalah believe in being transparent, give more, take less and doubling the joy! Whether its restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, app users or our delivery hero's, this app offers a range of unique features and an immensely rewarding experience for all.

Now, the question is how do we do it?

We will let good food and peace prevail and be considerate of all our stakeholders.

Our Partners (Restaurants, Supermarkets/Grocery Stores, Pharmacies, Pet Stores, Florists and more...)

Taking care of our partners (restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, florists, pet-stores...) is another important value proposition of Yalah! - Attractive and transparent commission model that enables restaurants to focus on providing quality products to customers and not have to worry about hidden charges and how to protect their margins!  We will also empower our partners with easy access to deep analytics for them to make better data-driven decisions going forward.

Our Users

Allowing customers to earn instant cash back on every transaction and be in control of how this can be spent at any time. Yalah offers its users a one-of-a-kind loyalty initiative with numerous rewards! We have also been proactively working towards building a seamless user experience through exceptional and gamified ordering experience.

Yalah looks to officially enter the UAE market in the first half of January 2023 with its official BETA launch for pre-registered users.  Yalah has already partnered with over 2000+ restaurants in the region and pre-registrations continue to pour in. If you are a restaurant who is potentially looking to partner with Yalah, please click here to register today and lock in exclusive "early bird" rates for your business.

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