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Introducing Yalah

Yalah! is an adaptive & intuitive app Eco-system that
is built on transparency, innovation & a unique value

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We don’t just deliver food.
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Making it fun for you
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Building an exceptional ordering platform leveraging cutting edge technology to provide holistic ordering experience to end consumers which is mutually rewarding to all partners including consumers in the ordering journey.

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Introducing Yalah 2.0: A Transformative Upgrade for a Seamless Experience!

Get ready for Yalah 2.0, a revolutionary upgrade that enhances speed, usability, and delivery precision. Elevate your experience and savor the future of food delivery!

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A taste of convenience: Understanding the booming food delivery market in UAE

Understanding the booming food delivery market in UAE

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Is the UAE Food Delivery Model “Broken”?

Yalah founder and CEO Haroon Riaz addresses some of the current challenges and whitespaces which exist in the Food Delivery space today and how Yalah plans to overcome such problems in 2023 supporting not only restaurants and users but also the delivery riders.

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